Programs & Events

The Cal Poly Humboldt Natural History Museum offers a number of rotating workshops hosted by local experts that focus on a variety of specific topics.

Summer Hours

Thursday - Saturday 10am-5pm

NOTE: Please plan to wear a mask while visitng the museum.


Discovery Days

Astro Discovery Day - exploring a telescope outside the museum

We offer a variety of Discovery Days with interactive hands-on activities for the whole family. Each one has a theme!

Upcoming & Past Discovery Days

Monthly Speaker Series

an audience at a monthly speaker series - watching a presentation

We strive to offer thought-provoking and informative evening lectures to the community at large with a wide variety of nature based topics from dinosaurs to dinoflagellates. Donations are appreciated.

Monthly Speaker Series Events

School Visits

a group of elementary students at a discovery day

Teachers -- Bring your students for a visit to the museum.

How to set up a School Visit


A few men looking for tracks in the sand at a tracking workshop

The NHM partners with other community organizations to offer specialized workshops for an in-depth experience on a variety of topics.

Workshop Information

Upcoming Events

** No events scheduled at this time.

News & Announcements

Some fossils give paleontologists a very clear picture of how they were formed and how long ago the organism perished. Others are a bit murky and need to be reanalyzed as our dating...
Sea dragon or curious salamander? The axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum, has made quite a name for itself based on its appearance alone. These adorable amphibians are only found in the wild in one lake in...
What animal group has multifaceted eyes, a pineapple shaped body, a tooth-lined mouth, and a pair of spiny claws below its large head for grabbing prey?Answer: radiodonts.Radiodonts are primitive...