Montly Speaker Series

Past topics: Sea Star Wasting Disease, Citizen Science Projects, Lichens and Bryophytes, Humboldt Flying Squirrel, The Art of Wildlife Tracking, the Golden Age of Dinosaurs, Marine Mammals, the Real Mars, and more!

Spring 2024

Thursday, March 28 at 6:30pm in the Natural History Museum Classroom (just behind the museum) 

Steven Krause presents: Discover What's Happening at Redwood National and State Parks! 


Thursday, June 13 at 6:30 in the Natural History Museum Classroom (just behind the museum) 

Robert Fernau presents: Klamath's Mountain Butterfly Diversity 




Fall 2022

Thursday, October 20

Mark Bailey presents "The Klamath Mountains: A Geologic Journey Through Time"

Spring 2022

Thurs. March 3

Drs. Barbara Clucas and Micaela Gunther "Flying squirrels and coastal martens: learning about our less common forest neighbors" 

Fall 2021 Lecture Series Online

Fri. Oct. 15
Elliott Dabill "Questions to Ask Dinosaurs" click to watch a recording of the presentation. 

Spring 2020 Lecture Series

Fri. Jan. 31
Phil Johnston "Wildlife Tracking: Learning the Original Science and Why it Matters".

Thurs. Feb. 13
Joe Tyburczy "Early Results from the Humboldt Ocean Carbon Observatory - ocean acidification, eel grass, and how they interact in Humboldt Bay"

Thurs. Mar. 5
Marie Antoine"Lichens and Bryophytes- adventures into the microcosm"

Thurs. Apr. 9
[Cancelled] Barbara Clucas "Human-Wildlife Interactions and How we Value Wildlife

Spring 2019 Lecture Series

Feb 7
Gretchen Ziegler Sequoia Park Zoo: "How a Little Zoo Can Make a Big Difference" 

Mar 7
Sean Craig "Marine Protected Areas Along the Northern California Coast"

Apr 18
Jeffrey White, NHM Director Emeritus  "NHM 30th Anniversary: Nature, Learning, and Museums"

May 3
Dawn Goley "Marine Mammals Ashore and At Sea" 

June 7
Phil Johnston "Wildlife Tracking: Becoming Literate in the Language of the Wild & Preserving An Ancient Skill" 

Fall 2019 Lectures

Oct. 17
John DeMartini "Delving into the Lives of Clams"  

Dec. 5
Michael Kauffmann "Conifers Country: 2019 Updates from the Field"

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