66-Million-Year-Old Fossil Site Preserves Animals Killed within Minutes of Chicxulub Impact

Every now and then something profound is preserved in the fossil record. In North Dakota, a never-before-seen view of the day a giant asteroid struck Earth 66 million years ago is one of these moments.

This fossil dig revealed what the devastating impact did to life along and living in an ancient lake. Imagine a shock wave so large that it literally turned everything upside down, killing life instantly hundreds of miles from the impact site. Here tektites (or impact glass) rained down, some reaching 200 miles per hour. Some of these hot rocks got caught in the gills of fish which were found stacked up against each along with a host of other organisms to be preserved in the fossil record.

Read more about it: http://www.sci-news.com/paleontology/tanis-fossil-site-07055.html